In October of 2012, a group of scholars of North African Jewry came to Yale from Israel and France to study manuscripts from our North African Jewish Collection.  Professor Moshe Bar-Asher  of the Hebrew University was the convener of the gathering.  Each scholar worked on a document relating to his or her area of expertise.   At the end of each day, one of the scholars gave a lecture on some aspect of the history and culture of Jewish North Africa.  It was a most exciting time for all of us in the library and we hope to hold more colloquia in the future.  Thanks to a grant from the Arcadia Foundation,  we have been able to organize and house the manuscripts and enter them into an Excel chart.  Our next step will be to create a finding aid online which will enable scholars all over the world to ascertain what is in the collection.

The photo shows all the participants as well as the library staff.  The participants are each holding up the document on which he or she is working.